RBC Medical Student Offer

What if you became the patient?

You have invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to become a physician and your expertise is second to none. As such, your ability to earn an income is your #1 asset. Disability insurance is the foundation of a sound financial plan. It is the first of the “insurance building blocks” we recommend. Disability insurance replaces your income in the event you suffer an illness and/or injury that prevents you from being able to work.

Since 2003, Integrated Financial Strategies has been a trusted authority for medical students, residents & fellows as they embark on the different stages of their medical careers.

RBC Insurance – Disability Insurance Offer for Medical Students, Residents & Fellows

  • NO MEDICAL – no medical exam or blood test required.
  • FREE COVERAGE – 12 months free coverage (5 months if you are a resident or fellow).
  • Simplified 1 page application.
  • 100% Guaranteed contract that you own and control!
  • Permanent 25-40% discount.
  • Riders Include:
    • Own Occupation definition of disability.
    • Cost of Living Adjustment.
    • Future Income Option offering up to $25,000 of coverage per month.
    • HIV, Hepatitis B and C protection.
    • Convertible to Long Term Care Insurance.

Coverage Limits & Discounts

Stage of Medical Training Maximum Coverage Limit Free Coverage Period Discount Available
Final year medical student $4,500 per month 12 months Permanent 25-40% discount.
Resident Physician** $4,500 per month 5 months
General Practitioner** $7,500 per month 5 months
Fellowship Program** $8,500 per month 5 months
Specialist** $11,000 per month 5 months
**Starting in practice limits are available if you are in your final 3 months of your residency or fellowship training & your practice will commence within 3 months after your residency or fellowship ends

Flexibility for the Future:

  • Special FIO Offer – One time option at the end of your medical residency or fellowship to increase your coverage to the post-residency limits available.
  • Critical Illness Offer – Option to add up to $100,000 of Critical Illness Insurance with NO MEDICAL at any time during your eligibility or within the first year in practice.
  • Business Protection Offer – Option to add business protection (overhead expenses and/or business loans) later on with NO MEDICAL and a 15% discount.

Does RBC’s Medical Student Offer sound like a fit for you?

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From my first meeting with Mark at the end of Medical School (2005), I knew he was the consummate professional. And more than 15 years later, he has proven time and again how accurate first impressions can be. Always with patience and grace he has managed my portfolio by finding products tailored to my unique needs. But it was when life threw me a curve ball that he demonstrated how he had my back. For asset management – Mark certainly has all the right personal assets: Flexibility; Knowledge; Integrity and more.

Dr. P. – Hospitalist