Protection for you & your family

We specialize in providing client-centered insurance and financial planning solutions designed to protect the financial health and well-being of our clients and their families.

At Integrated Financial Strategies, our priority is to listen to our clients’ concerns and understand their short and long-term financial goals and objectives. This allows us to assist in identifying the risks associated with a premature death, accident or sickness, and the impact these risks would have on achieving their goals. Once complete, a customized plan focused on cost, quality and benefits is designed integrating various solutions that mitigate the risks each client faces.

Life Insurance: When was the last time you reviewed or updated your life insurance?

  • Has your financial situation changed?
    • Have you moved, purchased a new home or cottage?
    • Has your income increased?
    • Have you recently incorporated your medical practice?
  • Has your family situation changed?
    • Have you gotten engaged or married?
    • Do you plan to have children? Or recently had children?
    • Are you going through a divorce?

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Disability Insurance: Your ability to practice medicine and earn an income is your number one asset.

  • When was the last time you reviewed and updated your disability insurance?
  • How would you provide for your family and loved ones if you had an accident, illness or sickness, and could no longer work?
  • Does your policy contain guaranteed premiums and policy provisions?
  • Do you have the correct riders on your disability insurance policy?
  • Is your income fully insured?

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Critical Illness Insurance: Are you prepared for the unexpected?

  • What if you suffered a critical illness?
    • Have you considered the financial impact that surviving the illness will have on your lifestyle?
    • Would your family’s worries about your health be compounded by worries about their financial security?

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Long Term Care Insurance: Helping protect you against health care costs in retirement.

  • Are you concerned about your financial security and quality of life in retirement?
    • How would your finances be impacted if you developed a chronic health condition in retirement?
    • What impact will the continued reductions in provincial health care funding have on your independence in retirement?
    • What financial impact will your need for care have on your family and loved ones?

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Office Overhead Insurance: How will your office overhead be paid if you are disabled?

  • How would you cover the overhead expenses of your practice if you were disabled?
    • Where would you find the money to pay for overhead costs like rent and utilities?
    • How would you pay your staff their salaries if you were disabled?

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I recently submitted a disability claim. It was a very stressful time for me. Mark was the third person I called. He told me, ‘you focus on getting better and we will look into what we have to do claim wise,’ and he got back to me in a day or two.

Windsor Family Physician – Disability insurance claim (spring 2020)